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World In My Eyes

23rd February, 2010. 9:50 am. Hello again LJ

Thought I'd peek in to see how you're doing.

Now it's time to adjust what I'm doing. Mount Everest, it may be.... I just hope I don't let the opportunity pass me by before it's too late.

We all are creatures of habit, with plenty of excuses to go along with them. Most of the excuses are bullshit of course... but we try to believe them. Don't we?

Current mood: blah.

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2nd December, 2007. 11:11 am. Replacement for lightening??

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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5th November, 2007. 2:23 pm. If only this would happen...

A Presidential Debate solely dedicated to the subject of SCIENCE!

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27th October, 2007. 1:34 pm. January 19th, 2009 - The Great American Dildo Mail Off

That's right kids! I've decided that on Bushes last day in office everyone should go to their local sex shop, buy a dildo of your choosing... roll it around in dog shit if you want... stick it in a box and mail it to the white house with a note that reads:

"Mr. Bush, I believe this belongs to you. It's been in my ass for 8 years now."

Who's with me!?!?

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20th October, 2007. 6:57 pm. Being "the nice guy"

I'm convinced it's never a good thing. I'm a 30 year old man... too old to be Duckie.

Current mood: cynical.

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19th October, 2007. 11:11 am. Be gone headache!

yesterday around 3ish i started feeling congested. A small headache started brewing, and i became drowsier than normal.

this shit always happens immediately for me it seems. weather change, yeah yeah... that's what i think too. that and my room probably could use a good cleaning honestly.

but this keeps me amused.

Current mood: blah.

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15th October, 2007. 5:33 pm. back to real life

Although the time in vegas was short, it was fun and long overdue for me especially since i only live 4 god damn hours away.

the wedding was great, i have a new crush, i spent way too much money (mostly credit cards... ugh), I lost way too much money, i smoked way too many cigarettes, but overall... the most important thing, aside from the wedding of course, is that all of us michigan kids were in vegas at the same time and... fuck... it was great! i know personally for me, aside from being honored to stand up in the wedding to begin with, it was a much needed break from my rat race of a life.

but as they say... back to real life.... and lots and lots of gum.

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10th October, 2007. 7:53 am. What a Dumbass

Art teacher fired for lecturing students on veganism while not telling school officials or parents.

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29th September, 2007. 4:21 pm. the end is the beginning


that is what it came down to. and that is what i needed to overcome in order to pursue this next step in my life.

the comfort steady income brought, the convenience of a routine, the close friendships of so many people. but alas all things, good or bad, undoubtedly come to an end. of course sometimes you have to create that ending for yourself in order for a new beginning to commence, and to retain some sense of sanity. (although i don't plan on the friendships ending anytime soon.)

the time to refocus on why i'm out here has no better beginning than now. I just hope all of this is not done in vain.

weird and exciting as all this may be, i've heard it said many times that life begins at 30. well i'm almost there...

and i'll be thankfully, and for the time being, unemployed.


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20th September, 2007. 10:07 am. The South and Stereotypes...

Ah.. the sweet sweet ideal of cross-town rivalries. Maybe cross state, country, nation...etc. Rivalries that have been going on for decades, maybe even centuries. This sort of classic machismo idealism really tugs at the heartstrings for some in this country especially with the media sensationalism of it.

So what makes one college football fan nearly castrate the other over a rivalry? ummmmmmmmmmmmmm now i'm speechless.

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